Five tips how to explosively grow your Linkedin network without leaving home

Knowledge, ideas, opportunities for cooperation, sharing of know-how. These are just a couple of examples of what can be shared and received over digital networks. Digitalisation has enabled completely different social networks and interactions within them. We are no longer dependent on the place of residence and the people revolving around it. For active “players”, the playing field has expanded and created new opportunities.

Why expand Linkedin Networks?

By sharing useful content, you increase your own chances of success. Future employers, partners and perhaps even future life partners will strenghten their trust in you, by searching your background information online. If in the past an expensive suit was a sign of success, then now it is perhaps a comprehensive digital presence.

“If in the past an expensive suit was a sign of success, then now it is perhaps a comprehensive digital presence.”

Some time ago I talked with a city official and asked if she was using Linkedin. She answered no, she is not active on Linkedin because already has a job and often in a terrible rush. I couldn’t help but tell her that is exactly why it’s worth networking. It is a good idea to have strong networks ready before you need them.

“For many, networking without a title is difficult.”

During the trainings I hold, there is often someone who asks how to network in the so-called “between the jobs” mode. For many, networking without a title is difficult. Active networking when you’re at work or don’t feel the strong need, will greatly reduce the stress of networking.

So how do I get more useful contacts on my Linkedin Network?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Custom Search. Search for contacts by name, company, title, industry, or any keyword that interests you, and send a direct networking invitation. Be sure to add a personalized message with the invitation. The message is not a sales speech, so keep it short. Believe it or not, a new contact may not be interested in how many dogs, children or boats you have (except perhaps when you have made it clear in advance that this is the thing that unites you).
  2. Start the #networkingchallenge #letsconnect. Start the post where you tell about your intention to grow your network of contacts. Ask anyone who would like to network with you to say something about themselves in the comment (or simply ask them write “I’m in”). Keep the networking threshold low, don’t require videos or long explanations
  3. Use partisan technology. If you don’t dare put up the networking challenge on your own, then once again use the #letsconnect search and take a look at who all have already done it. Participate in their challenge and make a contact request to the people who participated through it.
  4. Track the #letsconnect #networking challenges. Linkedin has currently thousands who are actively following opportunities to participate. You will be notified when someone has opened a #letsconnect networking challenge.
  5. Always send a small thank you message to those who have accepted the contact request. Keep the message short, make sure your new contact gets information about what you offer and how she/he could benefit from you.


Whenever we have the opportunity to participate in live events again after social distance rules are relaxed, always suggest that participants at the event switch Linkedin on the “Nearby” space. That feature helps you find nearby Linkedin users, i.e. participants in the event.

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